White Wine

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Texas Dirty Girl

This dry white wine is a Chardonnay with flavors of green apples and pineapples. It is a perlante style, meaning little pearls in Italian (or slight effervescence). Serve chilled.

$7.95 glass / $19.95 bottle / $239.40 case


Blanc du Bois 2012 Texas Hill Country

This estate bottled wine has apricots on the nose and midrange. The finish is crisp and clean with hints of melons.

$24.95 bottle / $299.40 case

Chenin Blanc 2012 Texas

Golden apples on the introduction is pronounced in this dry white wine. The midrange has citrus with grapefruit and a lingering finish. It pairs well with Ahi Tuna, as well as shellfish.

$7.95 glass / $22.95 bottle / $275.40 case