Port, Dessert, & Sweet Wine

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Moscato 2010 Texas Hill Country

The Moscato signature is on the nose and midrange with honey and soft tannins on the finish. This wine is from our Doss Vineyard. 375 ml bottles.

$17.95 bottle / $215.40 case



Porto Blanco Texas Hill Country

Great flavors in this port with honey and minerals up front, pears in the middle, finishes with sweet pecans, sherry, and leche quemada. 375 ml bottles

$21.95 bottle / $263.40 case



Ruby Port 2010

This port is a fruity blend of Black Spanish and Touriga Nacional grapes. Black cherries, blackberries, and mulberries in the midrange and soft tannins on the finish. 375 ml bottles.

$18.95 bottle / $227.40 case



Tango Port

acclaimed by many to be the best port in Texas

Tango has Palm Springs dates on the the introduction with coffee, berries and prunes in the intermezzo. Caramel is noted throughout and the finish is Creme Brule. This port is fortified to 18% and was aged for 7 years in American oak. 375 ml bottles.

$34.95 bottle / $419.40 case


Moscato / Muscat Canelli 2012 Texas Hill Country

Floral tones on the nose with a grapey Moscato midrange. The finish is soft and smooth with lilac. It pairs well with cheese, nuts, raisins, and fruit. 750 ml bottles.

$24.95 bottle / $299.40 case



Red Flirt

This wine is a slightly sweet red that has the whimsical flavors of cherries, berries, and plums. It is a proprietary blend of traditional red varietals that gives a rich purplish red color. Red Flirt was created for you to enjoy with Texas Cuisine.

$7.95 glass / $19.95 bottle / $239.40 case



Rosa Flamenco

A Sangiovese rose that’s slightly sweet with hints of watermelon, strawberries, & cream. Serve chilled at 50F

$7.95 glass / $17.95 bottle / $215.40 case



Chiaro de Luna

This fragrant white wine is a Riesling blend with light fruity flavors like apricots and green apples. This wine is reminiscence of wine served at Renaissance banquets.

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